Types of Cigars

Types of Cigars

The Parts of a Cigar


What are the various parts of a cigar?  Many seasoned smokers enjoy their cigars without ever learning the basic parts of the cigar.  While it may be true that you can savor a cigar without knowing how it was assembled, ascertaining the basic parts of a cigar can be helpful in assisting you in choosing the best caliber cigars.

The initiatal thing many smokers observe about a cigar is the wrapper, the layer of tobacco on the exterior of a cigar.  A cigar's wrapper is very important because it provides much of the flavor of the cigar.  The highest quality tobacco leaves are used to construct the wrapper.  They range in color from very clear (claro) to very dark (oscuro). 

Binders are known as the 'intermediate leaves.'  They are used to hold or 'bind' the tobacco filler together.  Binders can deviate considerably. 

Lastly, the filler used to make a cigar.  The filler is the actual tobacco.  Generally, filler can be either long or short.  Long filler consists of whole tobacco leaves, while short filler consists of smaller pieces or scraps.

Now that you know the parts of a cigar, you can make an informed decision choosing the perfect cigar.

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