Types of Cigars

Types of Cigars

How to Get Cigars from Cuba


Every cigar lover knows that the best cigars come from Cuba.  Unfortunately, buying them is risky, however, many cigar fanciers are willing to take the chance to get a sample of the very best.  If you're questioning just how one would get their hands on a box of Cuban cigars, keep reading.  Because the relationship between the United States and Cuba is a bit rocky, there are a lot of people waiting to take advantage of cigar aficionados.  Procuring Cuban cigars should be done with great care in order to avoid getting fooled. 

First, know that importing cigars from Cuba is regarded as being illegal.  The United States placed economic sanctions on Cuba in 1963.  Since then, Cuban cigars have become the 'end all' for cigar fanciers.  There is, however, one loophole: visitors to Cuba who return from a sanctioned visit are allowed to return with cigars but not more than $100 worth and they must be intended for personal use only. 

Other ways of obtaining Cuban cigars is considered illegal. As a matter of fact it is illegal to buy, sell or trade Cuban cigars in the US.  Fines for illegal trading, buying or selling of Cuban cigars can be high, however, they are rare.  More than likely you'll just have your cigars confiscated. 

When buying a box of Cuban cigars, be prepared to spend a lot.  Prices can go as high as $500 or more.  If you're offered a box for a much lower price, they may not be real Cuban cigars.  Most of the cigars from internet venders that sell supposedly genuine Cuban cigars tend to be counterfeits.

How can you get a real Cuban cigar?  The simplest way to get a box is to go to Canada.  Buy them in Canada and repackage them so that they are not in their original Cuban packaging.  Get rid of the rings and put the cigars in a different box.  Customs agents tend to not scrutinize cigars carefully, and it is normally not considered a grievous offense to bring Cuban cigars into the United States.  In fact, tobacco shops in Canada will often repackage Cuban cigars for you. 

Or, you could just buy a Cuban cigar in Canada and enjoy while you're there.  There's nothing illegal about that!

Did you know that there are cigars from different countries other than Cuba that are also very good?

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