Types of Cigars

Types of Cigars

Cigars From Different Countries


Just about everybody is acquainted with the reputation of Cuban cigars.  But how do you know if you're smoking a Cuban cigar, or a cigar from another country?  For those new to cigar smoking, you ought to know that cigars from every cigar-producing country have there own specific flavor and persona.   The soil quality and the manner in which the tobacco is farmed and rolled contribute to the general flavor of the finished cigar. 

As there is also some regional diversity, here are some very general guidelines for checking out the cigars of the world.

The renowned Cuban cigars are celebrated for their smoothness and flavor.  They are acclaimed especially for their rich flavors and overall premium quality.  Cigars from Central American countries such as Honduras and Nicaragua are also known to be rich and rubust in flavor.  Caribbean countries like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic are known for their milder flavor. 

No matter what country you buy from, remember that a dependable way to estimate the overall flavor of a cigar is to note its diameter and length.  Generally, cigars with a fatter diameter will have a richer flavor.  Lengthier cigars are more often than not cooler smoking.

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