Types of Cigars

Types of Cigars

Choosing the Perfect Cigar


Are you pondering over how to choose the perfect cigar?  If you're a newbie to the world of cigar smoking, here are a few tips in picking out the foremost cigar.

First, notice the texture of the cigar. Squeeze it lightly. Is very soft, or stiff?  Ideally, the cigar should give somewhat, but not too much.  Very gently, squeeze the length of the cigar to check for any lumps.  A sound cigar will have a uniform texture.

Next, inspect the cigar for blemishes.  Any breaks or discolorations are signs of a inferior cigar.  The cigar's wrapper should be wound smoothly. 

Finally, view the ends of the cigar.  Pay particular attention to the exposed end where the cigar is lit.  If you are new to cigars, it can be challenging to judge the quality of the tobacco.  The easiest way to gauge the tobacco quality of a cigar is to scrutinize the color of the tobacco.  If you note any sudden color changes, this may point out that the tobacco leaves were not positioned properly.  Look for a cigar with an even blend of tobacco. 

Now that you've picked out your cigar, you need to know how to cut your cigar perfectly.

 types of cigars